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DHB Anabolic AMP 120 капсул

DHB Anabolic AMP (Red Star Labs)
Артикул 753
Производитель Red Star Labs
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    DHB - Anabolic Amplifier - уникальный продукт, позволяющий достичь максимального эффекта при использовании анаболических, прогормональных или жиросжигающих препаратов. 500%-е улучшение абсорбционных возможностей организма позволяет во много раз снизить процесс интокискации печени (и даже очистить ее!), а также уменьшить применяемые дозировки прогормонов или иных оральных анаболических препаратов. Научные исследования показали, что при двукратном снижении дозировки прогомонов или АС, за счет улучшенного усвоения, в крови окажется даже больше активного вещества, чем при простом увеличении количества принимаемых капсул.

    How is this groundbreaking anabolic agent accomplishing these unbelievable results? Break out your PDR, Chemistry and Anatomy books for this one. The active ingredient in DHB Anabolic Amplifier TM is derived from the furanocoumarin family. There are literally hundreds of studies on this natural extract phenomenon in conjunction with pharmaceuticals showing dramatic, really dramatic increases in plasma (blood) drug concentrations when people ingest DHB with or around the same timeframe.

    These results are especially impressive in drugs with notoriously low oral bioavailability, i.e. Drugs with a high first pass metabolism (Over 60% of drugs are destroyed by the first pass metabolism). The results of DHB use with pharmaceuticals have been so significant that Pharmacists and Doctors now warn against ingesting foods containing DHB with certain medications! The DHB could increase the blood plasma levels of drugs with normally low toxicity to dangerous levels!

    I know that there is one phrase above that may have caught your attention, "First Pass Metabolism". How many times have you heard that oral steroids and their close cousins prohormones are destroyed or "Metabolized" in the first pass through the small intestine and liver? Large percentages of these anabolic hormone compounds are all metabolized (destroyed) by the isoenzymes CYP and P450 before they are able to enter the bloodstream. DHB Anabolic Amplifier TM actually prevents these enzymes from metabolizing or breaking down anabolic hormones!!

    How Does it Work?

    During the trip through the GI tract to the bloodstream, testosterone supplements travel through a destructive mine field laden with enzymes deadly to these hormone agents. This area begins in the small intestine and continues once the hormone enters the liver. These crucial sections of the digestive system contain enzymes, which are highly effective at attaching to anabolic molecules of testosterone making them inert and useless. These are the enzymes that pharmaceutical companies as well as supplement companies have spent millions of dollars trying to protect drugs and supplements from.

    It has been said that the simplest answer is usually the correct one. DHB Supplement Amplifier TM is a simple answer for this very complex and expensive problem. After years of attempts by IDS and other companies to alter the prohormones to protect from the enzymes with some degree of success, IDS decided to attack the enzymes themselves.

    DHB Supplement Amplifier TM is designed to compete with the substrate hormone to attach itself to the enzyme. DHB Supplement Amplifier TM has a stronger affinity to the enzyme than the hormone product resulting in these destructive enzymes attaching themselves harmlessly to DHB Anabolic Amplifier TM . The body then washes the enzyme harmlessly from the out of the body! Again, the enzymes CYP and P450 are the enzymes responsible for metabolizing and destroying steroids and prohormones. They can be removed from your body, paving the way for anabolic hormones to flood your bloodstream to yield massive muscle growth like never before!

    This is truly a new class of product. Possibly the most significant advancement in sports supplement technology since the anabolic steroid itself!

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